Free: Amazon Prime Instant Video 30-day Trial

Love TV shows? Love films? Then you’ll probably love Amazon’s Instant Video service.

The service has a wide catalog of films and TV shows with many of them included at no extra cost with Prime and most importantly they’re offering all newbies a free 30-day trial!

If you choose to start your free trial your able to use all of the features of Prime instantly which includes watching an unlimited number of Prime-included TV shows and films and even includes unlimited free one-day delivery on millions of eligible items on!

Our favourite show on Prime right now is The Man in the High Castle, and who knows it may turn out to be yours too!

When we started our free trial: 21/01/16

How long did it take? It was instant!

We’ve grabbed our free trial, Start Yours!

You don’t have to continue your subscription after the free trial but if you choose not to, make sure you cancel the subscription before your 30-days are up otherwise you will be billed for the year ahead which is currently £79. If you loved the service during your trial and you want to continue your Prime subscription you won’t need to do anything!



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